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Sokal, take two

June 24, 2009

Since the previous publication, I realised there are some concepts I failed to take into consideration:

Firstly, the castration of hegemonic pyro-stoicism in relation to social reconstructionist unleavened homeopathy; next the supra-diegetic orthodontics of the Newtonian archaeopteryx, and finally temporal dialectics of a heteroclite pan-amputated maquis matrix. To regard this, furthermore, from the perspective of the anamorphic carburettor insubordinates intra-inertial hippocampi of the Arthurian ultra-non-linear polysemic impersonation, and the photo-urbane signifier and signified, requires a modality that alimentary counter-binary negative gearing simply is unable to syntactically categorise. Now, there has been a paradigmatic receipt of arachno-ideological dissemination across delta-epsilon morphemes in the iconic as well as ambi-inferometric public sphere, ignoring the 180-degree rule of illusion of choice and megalo-subjectivity, and transubstantiating the interdependence of naturopathic espionage in chauvinistic vertical lethologica.

Nevertheless, certain olfactory inflections have rendered null the previously augmented triads that pejorative diaphragmatic super-neutrality eschewed, ignoring the semiotics of Flaubert and camembert, and the dermatoglyphics of hydro-dominant mesophase angles. Compare however indoctrination of standard deviation in crypto-deductible auteur terminals with the isomorphous syllepsis found to have been multi-fossilised by economic determinism in certain calypso Higgs-Boson diegeses – this will make evident the dualism in circum-duo-hypozeugma of refractory morphological ethers that synaesthesia and imperialism presupposed in scepticism: thus spake Zarathustra.